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Academy Fleet Solutions has access to up 20 different funders to provide the cars and vans our clients require. Every time our clients require a vehicle, each funder is asked to quote for the requirement, in a competitively tendered situation, to produce the best possible pricing available within the market.

By competitively tendering for every vehicle, this negates any chances of rental creep that can be associated with sole supply arrangements and ensures that each funder is fully aware that the pricing must be competitive to win the order.

One funder cannot always have the best pricing for a vehicle due to differences in interest rates, residual value calculations, maintenance budgets and manufacturer/dealer discounts available

The average is 38% which means that 6 out of ten quotes will be more cost effective elsewhere for the same vehicle.

Academy Fleet Solutions manage the competitive tendering process on behalf of our clients, reducing their valuable management time and ensuring cost savings on vehicle supply, allowing them to concentrate on their core business activities.

Competitively tendering your vehicle requirements can reduce vehicle costs by circa £1,000 per vehicle over 4 years.

This equates to a £100,000 saving on a 100-vehicle fleet operated on a 48-month lifecycle.

Competitive Tendering Example

To highlight potential cost savings please look at the examples illustrated below for contract hire:

Vehicle: Seat Leon 1.6TDI SE Dynamic Technology 5 Door

Contract: 48 months, 80,000 miles, 3 x 45 payment profile, fully maintained


Vehicle: Ford Transit Connect 1.5TDCI 120 PS L1 200 Limited Van

Contract: 48 months, 80,000 miles, 3 x 45 payment profile, fully maintained


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